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The Ultimate Wedding Dream Team – Professional MCs and Photographers

Nathan Cassar: Master of Ceremonies
Professional MCs and Photographers – Because two are always better than one.

By Guest Contributor & Wedding Photography Expert, Jeffrey Wang (Perfect Moment Photography)

Wedding receptions celebrate newlyweds’ love, and there’s nothing that makes it more special and memorable than having professional MCs and photographers play a role. TLDR: Photographers capture moments that will live forever while MCs keep the festivities going, ensuring everyone has a good time. 

You could do without one of these elements, but you will soon realize that the fun isn’t complete without these two together. Professional MCs and photographers are like peanut butter and jelly; you can take one, but combining them makes for a powerful team (and are much tastier!).

If you are wondering why MCs and photographers go together perfectly, you are in luck! Read on below to find out.

A Professional MC? Is that even a thing?   

After the newlyweds say their vows, it’s time to let loose and have fun. MCs have the honour and sometimes the daunting task of keeping the energy going and reading the room. These reasons make MCs highly essential for a successful wedding celebration.

Being called the master of ceremonies isn’t a coincidence either since MCs are expected to have complete control and influence over the energy, vibe, and flow of a crowd. It is difficult to hold people’s attention for a long time; it takes focus and the right skills to be an effective and impactful MC. 

A great MC can utilize well-timed and light-hearted jokes, some activities or games, or smoothly invite family members for a speech. But all these things rely on the MC’s personality at the end of the day. 

Ultimately, the right MC with an ideal personality for the job, one who is skilled at controlling and guiding a crowd, and has ample experience in keeping guests engaged for hours on end makes for an almost non-negotiable part of an unforgettable reception. 

OK, great! What about Professional Photographers then?

Merely having a DSLR camera doesn’t automatically make a person a professional photographer. Photographers have the eye and instinct to capture unmissable moments for everyone involved to view later on. 

Professional photographers are also well-versed in different techniques such as lighting placement, bokeh, negative space, and contrast to make images pop and have a life of their own. 

Remember that weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events, so everything must be perfect, and nothing makes your wedding more perfect than hiring professional photography services. Pictures paint a thousand words, so the old song goes, and if that’s the case, the photographers are the painters, and you’re the subject of their masterpieces. 

Photographers above all else allow you as a couple to reflect on your special day with fond memories instead of inviting stress into one of the biggest moments of your life. These moments can fly by quickly, but through the gift of professional photography, they can be captured and rendered in high definition. 

Through advancements in technology, the gear that many professional photographers use is also top-notch, allowing you to look back on this special day and see how beautiful or handsome your partner is with the best the 21st Century has to offer.   

Group of wedding guests in a circle with lebanese drumers and musicians playing for a bride and groom in the centre
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Got It! So how do Professional MCs and Photographers Work Together as a Team?

As alluded to earlier, professional MCs and photographers are like two peas in a pod. Often, a glorious mix of different freelancers and vendors come together on the day, sometimes possibly never having ever worked with each other before. When MCs and photographers meet, this is how they make magic happen:

1. They Hit The Perfect Beats of the Event

Photographers and MCs both must always be on the lookout for special happenings within the event and capture them immediately. These special moments constantly change, so professional photographers must always be prepared with their cameras standing by to capture the essence of the moment.

As for the MCs, their role is to ensure moments like these keep on coming all night long. A great event should always feel like it’s flowing and there’s no dead air in between, so an excellent MC should always have a pulse on what’s happening and be ready to alter or amp up their approach accordingly. 

2. Expert Coordination With Other Vendors

To keep the wedding flowing smoothly, an MC must constantly coordinate with other vendors present on the day. For example, if the reception has a DJ, MCs will work with them to ensure announcements are heard well by Guests or request appropriate music or volumes during specific moments of the reception. 

The photographer’s way of coordinating with other people is always to keep their instincts sharp to capture once-in-a-lifetime moments and to take appropriate nods from the MC when the time is right. When all is working in sync, you will have nothing to worry about and you’ll simply be able to relax and enjoy the festivities. 

3. Smooth Time & Mood Management

MCs must have the ability to know when to pull on those heartstrings or when to crank the energy up; that’s why you see a lot of people-persons taking this job. The emotions that the MCs manage to bring to the surface make the photographer’s job easier since they will have a lot more things to capture in photos. 

Imagine if you were to entrust these crucial obligations to your relatives or friends; aside from taking away the fun for them, you can’t also expect professional quality photos and facilitation from them. With professionals, you can trust that they’ve experienced different things related to the job and can adjust accordingly. 

4. They are Prepared for Anything That Might Happen

Dealing with people is always interesting since you never honestly know what to expect. Change is one of the only constant things in life and this rings true, especially at weddings. Perhaps one of the newlyweds is feeling cheeky and smears cake on their partner’s face; MCs and photographers must pounce on it and be quick-witted about it. 

One of the best things about hiring professionals to facilitate and capture moments for you is they already know what to expect in such events. More tenured professionals will likely have seen and handled anything and everything, making them highly adaptable and malleable in the moment.

5. You Get to Focus on the Most Important Things

The last thing you want to do on your wedding day is worry about different things. Besides, it is your day, and you should be the stars of the show. Having professionals working on your special event will allow you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the festivities. 

Don’t mistake the fact that professionals aren’t enjoying their work. Aside from enjoying their craft, they get to see people celebrate the gift of love and the emotional roller coaster involved in these events. What’s not to love about that?

Bride and groom sitting down with their shoes in the air. Nathan Cassar, professional MC is in the background talking on a microphone.
Photo Credit: Toni K Productions

The Choice Is Simple: Hire a Professional MC + Pro Photographer for Your Ultimate Dream Wedding

Perfect weddings should feel like a dream, with you, your partner, and your guests enjoying your day and not caring about anything else. By hiring professional MCs and photographers, you will get to experience the bliss of starting a new life with your special someone and nothing else without the stress, anxiety, or headache that can come without them.

The bottom line: If you are looking for a worry-free and blissful experience during your wedding, do yourselves and your guests a favour by bringing on a professional MC and photographer.

Ready to book or want a quote? Reach out to Professional MC, Nathan Cassar and Professional Photographer, Jeffrey Wang (Perfect Moment Photography) to start your journey to wedding success today!

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