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10 Fun-Filled Wedding Games to Make Your Special Day Unforgettable

Nathan Cassar, MC dressed in a fancy blue and gold Indian sherwani holding a microphone in front of a crowd of people in lines dancing behind him on a dancefloor at a wedding
When you entertain your guests right, you’ll have them lining up for years to tell you how much fun they had!
Photo Credit: Shaadi Capture

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion that should be filled with joy, laughter, and lots of fun. As you plan your big day, don’t forget to incorporate some playful and interactive elements that will add an extra layer of excitement and entertainment for you and your guests. From the increasingly popular yet classic shoe game to high-energy photo challenges, there are plenty of wedding games for guests that you can choose from to add some personality and playfulness to your reception.

Before we take a deep dive into the list, a quick side note: While anyone can host these fun games to play at wedding receptions, having a professional MC can enhance the experience and ensure that everything runs smoothly. With their experience and expertise, an MC can help you choose the right fun wedding reception games for your big day and make sure they are run just right (and without the cringe jokes or awkward pauses!).

Oh, and all wedding games MUST have accompanying music to go along with it. Please enjoy and take full advantage of my custom Spotify playlists listed below, curated specially by yours truly for each wedding game. Share these links with your DJ or MC and keep the good vibes going!

And Now, Let The Wedding Games Begin!

So, whether you’re looking for ways to break the ice with your guests or simply want to add some extra fun to your special day, these are 10 wedding games your guests will love and will ensure your wedding is the talk of the town for years to come. Depending on your run sheet and formalities included in the night, it is recommended you do max 3-4 wedding games. But, hey! It’s your wedding, have as many as you like! 😊

1. The Shoe Game

The Shoe Game is played with a bride and groom and is an example of the many wedding games you can play at your wedding
You might be surprised too by how they’d answer!
Photo Credit: Oscar Colman Photography

The Shoe Game is a fun and interactive activity that you can add to your wedding reception to add a little bit of humour and personality to your special day. The game involves asking a series of questions about the couple’s daily habits, preferences, or quirks, and the answers are either “Partner A” or “Partner B.” To play, both partners hold up the shoe of the person they believe is the “correct” answer to each question.

This wedding game is a great way to show off your personalities as a couple and quirks to your friends and family, and it’s also a great icebreaker for guests who may not know each other well.

Want to see a real-life example? Check out Cassandra & Rodney who went head to head with The Shoe Game at their wedding reception recently with me HERE!

2. Wedding Couple True or False Trivia

Get ready for some interactive fun that’s easy to play and perfect for all ages! “Wedding Couple True or False Trivia” is a great way to add some excitement to your wedding reception, and you can even offer small prizes to the winners.

To play, your guests are asked a series of true or false questions about you as a couple. If they think the answer is “true,” they must put their hands on their head. If they think the answer is “false,” they will put their hands on their rear end. Play keeps going until you’re down to just a few people and then they’ll get to face off on the dance floor to see who knows you best. This game is a blast for seeing how well your guests know you (or how good they are at guessing!) and it’s a great way to personalize the evening.

By the way, if you run out of inspiration or are unsure what questions to ask, download my guide HERE which contains a whole bunch of general wedding true or false trivia from around the world that I incorporate into my weddings. You’re welcome!

Man in a blue suit and a woman in a pink dress with their hands on their head, smiling, playing a true or false wedding game
It’s all smiles when they are playing for prizes!
Photo Credit: Two Peaches Photography

3. “Structured” (Line) Dancing

More commonly known as Line Dancing in North America, “Structured” Dancing is a guaranteed hit with a crowd and will have guests talking about your wedding for years to come. During the open dance floor part of the evening, request your DJ to play a series of well-known line dance tracks and get your guests to dance the night away. Tracks that instantly come to mind include the Nutbush, Cha Cha Slide, Cupid Shuffle, the Macarena, the YMCA, and more. Just ask your DJ for suggestions!

If you have a professional wedding MC, then the fun has just multiplied. Ask your MC to invite guests to join them on the dance floor in lines. Your MC may then dance with and in front of everyone to show off the moves and prompt the next move over the microphone.

This is a great way to keep the dancing part of the evening fresh and fun, and it is also a great opportunity for those who may not have the courage to dance yet to feel comfortable and join in on the fun.

What’s your favourite?

4. Wedding Couple Photo Challenge

If you’re worried about not being able to take a photo with all of your guests at your wedding reception, the “Wedding Couple Photo Challenge” is the perfect solution. This brief but high-energy activity is designed to make sure that everyone gets a chance to have their photo taken with you and your spouse.

To get started, simply choose a song that you love and have your DJ or band play it at your reception. As the song starts, your MC can invite one table at a time to come forward and pose for a photo with you. Your professional photographer will be standing by to capture the moment, and you’ll end up with a beautiful collection of memories from your special day.

Not only is this a great way to make sure that you get a photo with all of your guests, but it’s also a fun and interactive activity that everyone can enjoy.

I am CONSTANTLY updating this list, suggest your own in the comments!

5. Marriage Match

Made popular on cruise ships and on TV, “Marriage Match” is a wedding game designed to light-heartedly “test” your familiarity with each other while adding a healthy dose of humour to your reception.

Nathan Cassar: Master of Ceremonies
You’ll be surprised how they may answer when they can’t hear you!
Photo Credit: Puzzleman Productions

To begin, one of you will wear noise-cancelling headphones to block out any sound, while the other answers a series of multiple-choice questions. If this is not an option, the one not answering questions may be escorted out of the room or at least out of earshot until their partner has answered all questions. Typical questions to ask should be humorous and easy-going in nature.

After whoever went first has answered all their questions, the one wearing the headphones will be asked to take them off and try to match each question with their partner’s response. This can be a challenging yet hilarious task, as the one wearing the headphones will not have heard the other’s answers and they will have to rely on their intuition to make the correct matches. Your guests will also be super-involved in this wedding game as they will be ready to pounce on any mismatches!

Thinking of giving The Marriage Match a try and putting yourselves to the test? Watch as I put Alla & Jay through their paces to hilarious effect in full HERE!

6. The Ultimate Scavenger Showdown

“The Ultimate Scavenger Showdown” is one of those perfect wedding games to get your guests laughing and tapping into their competitive side.

In this high-energy race-to-the-finish, players begin on individual chairs on the dancefloor and must race against the clock to find a series of randomly selected items nominated by the host. With each round, the stakes get higher as the number of chairs is reduced, eliminating the slowest players until only one winner remains.

Your guests will be allowed to source items from anywhere in the venue, including from other guests, adding an element of surprise and unpredictability to the game. This means that players never know what they might be asked to find next and must be prepared to think on their feet. The ultimate prize is up for grabs as guests battle it out to be the last one standing, collecting each item per round, and racing back to the remaining chair before their opponents.

“The Ultimate Scavenger Showdown” is among the more thrilling and fast-paced wedding games that will have your guests clamouring to join in and talk about it for years to come! Note: This game is best suited for larger guest counts of 50 or more but is generally suitable for all ages.

7. Musical Men

“Musical Men” is a twist on the classic game of musical chairs that’s sure to bring a lot of laughter and fun to your wedding reception.

To play, a group of men and women will be invited to the dance floor, with at least one more woman than men. The women will start by forming a circle around a line of men in the middle. When the music starts, the women will move around to the right, just like in musical chairs. When the music stops, the women will have to grab onto a man instead of a chair. If all the men are taken, the last woman left standing will be eliminated. Then, a man will be eliminated by a random number guess before the next round starts.

The game will continue in this way until there is only one man and two women left. The woman who grabs the man first in the final round will be the winner! A prize, such as a bottle of wine or keepsake, can be offered as an incentive to play.

This is a game better suited for larger guest counts of 75 or more and should involve adult audiences only, as it involves mild physical contact and may be a risk to younger guests’ safety. However, it can still be hilarious for all ages to watch and a surefire way to ensure your wedding is truly remembered!

8. DJ Name That Tune

“DJ Name That Tune” is a fun and interactive wedding game that’s perfect for getting your guests singing and dancing at your wedding.

To play, your DJ will play a quick clip of a popular song and your guests will have to try to name the track (or, if you’re feeling extra funky, the artist too!). This game is a great way to add some excitement to your reception and get everyone involved.

One popular way to incorporate “DJ Name That Tune” into your day is by using it to decide which table gets to go first during a buffet-style meal. This can be especially useful if you have a large number of guests and want to ensure that everyone has a chance to enjoy the food. Your MC can ask your DJ to play a quick clip of a song, and the first table to correctly name the track gets to go first. It’s a fun and interactive way to decide who gets to go first and adds a little bit of excitement to the meal.

If your guests don’t know these, guaranteed they’ve been living under a rock!

9. Wedding Speech Bingo

Get ready for some serious competition at your wedding reception with “Wedding Speech Bingo”! This interactive game will have your guests hanging on every word of the speeches, racing to be the first to shout “BINGO!”

At the start of the evening, each table will receive a bingo card filled with phrases and words that the speechmakers are likely to say during their speeches. As the speeches begin, your guests will have to listen carefully and mark off any matches on their cards. For instance, if the maid of honour says, “I’ve known the bride since we were kids…” and that phrase is on a guest’s card, they can cross it off.

The objective is to be the first table to get a line of phrases crossed off and shout “BINGO!” The pressure will be on as everyone tries to outdo each other and be the first to get a bingo. Not only is it a fun way to keep your guests entertained during a typically regular part of a wedding reception but the winning table gets to take home a prize! Not that all wedding speeches have to be boring either… but with this game, you win either way!

Nathan Cassar: Master of Ceremonies
Not sure how to make your own wedding speech bingo cards? Ask me how!

10. Love Is In The [BLANK]

No, that’s not a typo or placeholder, it’s one of my latest and greatest wedding games that will guarantee to have you and your guests in stitches!

Here’s how it works: Each couple sits apart, approximately 3 meters away from each other, armed with a pad of paper or a tablet. The game is played in rounds, and in each round, the host presents a sentence with a strategically placed blank. These sentences are often intentionally suggestive and designed to spark creativity and amusement.

For instance, imagine this scenario: “Sarah and Tom are relaxing on their honeymoon one evening in the hot tub. All of a sudden, a [………..] floated to the top!” The couple’s task is to independently write down what they think would be the best word/s to fill in the blank.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! The audience gets involved too. Before the couples reveal their answers, the host invites the guests to shout out their guesses. With approximately 10 rounds, each featuring a new sentence and blank, the overall goal is for the couple’s answers to match. When both partners have the same word or phrase in mind, the room erupts in cheers and applause (or equally enthusiastic gameshow-style “boos” if they don’t!).

This wedding game works well for all guest counts, but it truly shines with small to medium-sized weddings, where everyone can actively participate. One thing is certain – this unique game is sure to create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests and bring everyone together in a hilarious way.

And The Winner is… YOU!

Wrapping up, adding some interactive wedding games and activities to your reception can be a fantastic way to keep your guests entertained and make your big day even more unforgettable. From the classic shoe game to high-energy photo challenges, there are so many options to choose from that will suit all ages and preferences.

And, if you want to make things even easier (and more fun!) you can hire a professional wedding MC to help you choose and host the wedding games. Otherwise, you can take the reins and lead the fun yourself. No matter what you choose, these ten fun wedding games are sure to be a hit with your guests and provide endless entertainment for you and your partner on your special day. Oh, and be prepared to have your guests rant and rave about your wedding reception long after the party is over – you have been warned! 😅

Like what you see? Nathan specialises in the ultimate Wedding MC experience that you and your guests will never forget.

Contact Nathan today to get started!


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