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Professional MCs – 5 Big Reasons Why Your Wedding NEEDS One

If we’ve ever attended a celebration where the “MC” was a disaster, the wedding most likely will be remembered for that. And let’s just face it, who doesn’t want your wedding reception to be memorable, successful and filled with fun?

The Solution? Hire A Professional MC!

Nathan Cassar, professional wedding mc, standing in the middle of a bride and groom in a red tuxedo and holding a golden microphone trophy. The groom on the left is smiling excitedly and turned to the centre, the bride is smiling and holding Nathan's arm.
It is smiles all around when you pick the right wedding MC
Photo Credit: Toni K Productions

As much as people call it bougie or “extra’ to hire a professional MC for their reception, it is important to see the bigger picture. Here are 5 reasons why a professional MC is a saviour for a grand wedding reception.

1. Professional MCs know what they’re doing

Professional wedding MCs, also known as masters of ceremonies, are individuals who are hired to manage and oversee the flow of events during a wedding reception. They are, at a minimum, responsible for introducing the wedding party, making announcements, and keeping the reception moving smoothly and efficiently. Their experience of having catered to several wedding receptions in the past helps them let you plan how your wedding should proceed at every turn.

2. You have control over your wedding

You can communicate to your MC how you want your wedding to be. The grand entry, the bridal wedding speeches, the music, the time your guests should be served – basically the whole kit and kaboodle!

In addition to coordinating logistics, the MC is also responsible for keeping the event running on schedule. This involves introducing speakers and performers, announcing key events (such as the bouquet toss or cake cutting), and making announcements as needed.

3. They expertly tackle details to oversee a smooth functioning night

A lot of work goes into overseeing things on the big day. The bride and groom are swamped with various other worries. Here’s when the MC takes care of what you can’t help. The MC serves as the “voice” and “energy” of the wedding, keeping the flow and excitement of the evening alive and ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

The MC also usually acts as the main point of contact for the wedding party and the venue, answering questions and addressing any issues that may arise on the spot.

4. They bring out the enthusiasm and energy in the crowd

In addition to their experience and organizational skills, professional wedding MCs also have strong public speaking skills. The better ones are even skilled comedians or have great interpersonal skills to really connect your guests and the whole experience together.

Be it keeping the crowd entertained or engaged with games, jokes, or dance and music, your MC got you covered. Communication is key and an innate ability to master a crowd is not to be underestimated – you don’t hire a plumber to roof a house, after all!

Nathan Cassar in the middle of people lined up linked together, singing
It’s always more fun when your MC is the life of the party!
Photo Credit: We’re Exclusive Photography

5. They bridge the gap between you and your vendors

Your MC makes sure to connect the dots to ensure smooth sailing on the big day. This includes ensuring your guests are well taken care of, coordinating the music, and looking into minor details that may not occur to you on that day.

A professional wedding MC also has a lot of experience working with vendors and wedding professionals, such as the DJ, photographer, and catering staff. They can coordinate with these individuals to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that there are no hiccups or delays during the reception.

Stress Less, Celebrate More!

Overall, a professional MC is a valuable asset to any wedding. They work hard to ensure that the night is a success. By tackling the details and handling any issues that may arise, they help to make the event a memorable and stress-free experience for everyone involved.

Instead of being embarrassed or let down by a colleague, family member, or some random Larry, Harry, or Jerry who thinks they can MC – hiring an experienced professional is worth making your wedding a memorable one!

Like what you see? Nathan specialises in the ultimate Wedding MC experience that you and your guests will never forget.

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