Sarah-Jo and Colin Wedding

Nathan singing karaoke in the dancefloor with other dancers

About Sarah-Jo & Colin Sarah-Jo and Colin met in July 2018 like everyone else these days: online. For 6 months, Colin relentlessly pursued Sarah-Jo for a relationship but she just wanted something casual because he lived too far away. Much to Colin’s luck, Sarah-Jo finally caved in. They had a long-distance relationship for 2 years…

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Cassandra and Rodney Wedding

Cassandra and Rodney looking at each other while dancing

About Cassandra & Rodney A true tale of two cities – Cassandra lived in Sydney, while Rodney in Albury. They met on Tinder at the V8 Supercars – Bathurst 1000 in Oct 2014. However, they didn’t meet face to face that day, they just made contact via their phones and the app. It wasn’t until…

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Jade and Aaron Wedding

Nathan Cassar with a bride and groom

About Jade & Aaron There’s always something extra special when your close family ask you to host their wedding (and extra hilarious, too!). Aaron caught Jade’s eye all the way back when he was working at his local Coles at the checkout back in 2013. Jade couldn’t keep Aaron out of her head so, naturally,…

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Cindy and Ahmad Wedding

Nathan Cassar laughing with bride and groom, Cindy and Ahmad

About Cindy & Ahmad Cindy and Ahmad met in Canberra while Ahmad relocated for a break. They started out as close friends, remaining close even when Ahmad relocated back to Sydney some years later. Then, one particular year, he called and said he wants to come to Canberra for a visit.  That’s when Ahmad expressed…

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Tanya and Callum Wedding

Bride and groom dipping on the dancefloor

About Tanya & Callum The first time Tanya and Callum met was, of all places, on the train coming home from work and they didn’t speak a word to each other. Callum noticed Tanya’s personal training company logo on her jacket and realised that his PT worked for the same company! During his next PT…

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Raina and Brodie Wedding

A bride and groom entering a room smiling with an audience standing up

About Raina & Brodie Raina and Brodie first met back in primary school through Raina’s friend and Brodie’s sister, Deanna. They started dating when 21, however the first time they organised to go on a date they actually never went! Why? Because Brodie spent hours at the gym getting his muscles “pumped”, then went to…

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